What we have learn in the second week

In the second week, the amount of what we had to learn was actually in a rise. However, we still found it bearable.

The key learning points included a lecture on Language Curiculum Design and series of workshops and group discussions run by  Stephen Caughley, Instructor and Co-ordinator of the course, and Edith Paillat , the Teaching Assisstant. As for the workshop, we practised  using the two technology tools to support the teaching.  The first one is  LWT (Learning With Text), which can be used to teach vocab and pronunciation. The second one is  Quizlet, which is used to create  supplementary teaching material, for example the material for teaching  vocab (flash cards). You can go to lwt.sourceforge.net and quizlet.com to see and try the tools.

Go to the following link to see the product ‘Flash Card – Flowers”


The most striking to us in the  second weak was the lecture on Curriculum Design given by Prof. Paul Nation. His presentation was clear-cut and full of humour, which was able to satisfy even the most difficult learners. The model of  LCD by P.Nation was of greate help for people to design a curriculum/syllabus. He shared the view of Hutchinson and Waters (1987) on the definitions of needs combining leaner’s lacks, wants and necessities. However, he emphazised the analysis of environment that includes teacher, learner and situation.


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