My Experience in Wellington

My first experience in NZ

Before the trip, I was told that it was very windy, cold and rainy in Wellington at this time of the year. Honestly, I felt a bit depressed and not very excited about the trip. I am a bit too scared of getting cold and wet, you see.

However, when I got here everything was completely different from what I thought about Willy and NZ at home. The weather is not very cold. It is sunny and sometimes it rains but just a little. The air is amazingly fresh and it is what I most appreciate as it does not exist in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi, where I live. And there are a lot of trees, plants and flowers of different colours. So fabulous!

Houses and traffic in Welly are in great order. I have not seen any traffic jams in the city since I came here. Welly people look all happy, healthy and very friendly. I am really of the opinion that NZ is one of the world’s places worth settling in.

Come to Wellington, NZ and enjoy all this!


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