Blog Tasks

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Blog Tasks

1. Your pages
  1. Open your blog
  2. Check your page ABOUT  ensure it has a clear description of what you intend to do with this blog. (think about it, you can always modify it later)
  3. Check your page CONTACT ME does it contain the description of yourself, your role, where you work and your special interests, upload a photo if you wish. have you got the form for people to contact you?
  4. Create a new page called Guidelines. In a new browser tab open the following link:, read through the guidelines.
  5. Write your own guidelines as if you were writing them for your students.
2. Your blog posts:
  1.  Add a new post about what you have learned this week. (lectures and workshops content)
  2. Add links or other media if you think it will add to the reader’s experience or for later yourself
  3. Add the post in the category: My personal experience – ICT (if you don’t have categories, add them from your dashboard –> post –> categories
Other blogs:
  1. Scan through quickly through Larry Ferlazzo’s blogroll, , jot down what you like and what you don’t like in the blogs you see.
  2. Write another post, find a title, add to a category.

Homework for Monday 5 November:

  1. Open a word document, write instructions to your students on how to get started with


What is a blog? Check this video


Getting started – Help
Rule of thumb: keep it simple, not overloaded with widgets on the side or extensive pictures with no text. Combine other tools and link them to your blog.



Some interesting examples for education: (google EFL blogs, blog education, technology blogs, etc…)

Instructions: Scan through quickly through the following blogs,  look at the content of the pages (top menu) and the blogroll,
jot down what you like and what you don’t like 

Other articles to get you inspired with your own reflections:

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