Project 2020 – MOET

The National Foreign Languages 2020 Project or Project 2020 as it is often called is where I am working now. Its office is located on 2nd floor, B7Bis Building, Bach Khoa Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi.

It is a Government’s project which came into existence in 2008 after Vietnam’s Prime Minister had signed Government-level Decision 1400, which approved the project with its goal, capitals, phases and implementation plans and so on.

The Project is capitalized at 9,700 billion VND or equipvalent to approximately 500 million USD and divided into three phases. The first phase 2008 – 2010: Preparation stage; the second one (2011- 2015):  Development stage; and the last one (2016-2020): completion one. Most of investment will be spent on the last two phases. One thing to remember is that as it is a government project, all its capital comes from the Government budget. In addition to this, Project also welcomes evry kind of financial support from overseas organizations, institutions and governments.

Project 2020 has a clear but ambitious goal: ” By 2020, most Vietnamese students graduating from secondary, vocational schools, colleges and universities will be able to use a foreign language confidently in their daily communication, their study and work in an integrated, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, making foreign languages a compatitive advantage for Vietnamese young people in an international high-demanding labour market”.

To achieve this goal, it has clarified its objectives, tasks, routines and action plans. The tasks are assigned by the PM, so they must be carried out  by every city/province’s People Committee and every education institution across the country.


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